Sunday, October 16, 2011

blogroll diary

Since  masa yang sgt sedikit and jadual yang sgt ketat, I don't really have much time to write anything. Pictures tells thousand of stories, so these pictures tells every each event happened throughout those days I am not updating

  1. raya with kawan2 sekolah rendah. best raya reUNION ever. hope to that next raya guys :D
  2. besties hangout. 
  3. my bf's car. accident when he was on his way to fetch me in Melaka to Puncak Alam.happened in tol Ayer Keroh poor you car. hope you get well soon :(((((( sorry too love
  4. first day kuliah begin. is my muka is so obvious that i force a smile sbb xnk kelas.. :P
  5. raya at syaz's. those childeren sgt superpower buat muka BUROK AND HODOH..hahaha
  6. thats my notebook for this sem throughout. gonna be half dead without her ^_^
  7. THE SECRET LIFE OF NORA. we actually buy RM 30 tickets but end of sitting on RM400+ seats because byk empty seats..wehuuuuuuuuuuu..first time watch theater that is so awesome and worth paying..hahaha
  8. ok he is too handsome..who else STEFAN ABD RAHMAN la..he's the produce for the theater.


eesyaheera said...

Oh myyy. Accident teruk tu. Bf awak okey tak?

shudeshude said...

Bf syud alhamdulillah ok..kete je la teruk sgt...huhu..