Saturday, September 10, 2011

status difference in a relationship is so lame

i don't have the intention to humiliate anyone in this entry. it is something i heard, that i think is so lame to practise. back in our mak ayah nye old times, we've heard enough pasal cinta dua darjat, ko anak orang berada aku anak petani so much and so forth that are equally fall in the same group of matter kan. tapi tu dulu bro, now we are in these years leading to 2020 and with the advancement of techno, do u really need to think in sgt lapuk punye pemikiran. i don't know if this is big to you but i am sure i dont give a damn about this absurd yet ridiculous narrow minded matter. SERIOUSLY what were u thinking for the first time you met the girl you want, asl ko x kaji pulak the background of the family, when suddenly after you tied the relationship, ko nk insult orang with your rude words tu kan. I am really fine if you brag about that particular person ONLY, tapi bile kau drag all the family matter and pride dalam ko nye marah, mmg you are insanly not MATURE enufff kot. think like a gentleman la bro, xpayah nk ko susah2 kalo ko rase awek ko nye family x cukup SETARAF ngn ko, ko blah la. i am frigging pissed off lah bile ko suke2 nk spit harsh words to my kindest friend. grow up lah bro. macam mane ko marah pun, xyah nk POYO sgt boleh.. the girl that were you insulting is you girlfriend yang dulu ko puja siang malam kan. have that tiny humanity in your body boleh? and apologizing wont lower you EGO pun. this wasnt specific pun, tapi have happened, for those in relationship, it aint okay to bad talk bout your parther's family. that family you badtalking is going to be your family too sooner or later, so treat them like yours hence. to you-know who i dedicated this, man up lah bro.i want her to be happy so treat her right. and to you too, whatever happens in between you always have me at your back. so stay strong sweety. whatever u've decided, i am sure to give you full support. i want u to be happy


lesslonelygurl said...

wuwu. terharu bole tak? btol2. kami di sini sntiasa menyokong!

ieqa said...

hahahahhahahahhahahah huhuhuhu