Wednesday, March 14, 2012

back to the learnland

Memulakan minggu pertama dengan sungguh bergaya apabila hari pertama dijayakan dengan mesyuarat dan mesyuarat dan mesyuarat lagi. bertemankan kesibukan menjayakan Perhimpunan Kebangsaan Pelajar Farmasi, kehidupan sebagai pelajar diharungi dengan sifat2 ketabahan yang cukup tinggi dan kesungguhan yang cukup jitu.  Saya tahu saya boleh. 

Semester ke 6, alhamdulillah saya telah diterima untuk menjayakan latihan industri di HOVID Industry, sebuah industri farmaseutikal terkemuka di Malaysia dan sepanjang semester 6 ini, saya akan berada di Hospital Sungai Buloh untuk klinikal praktikal saya.Semoga semua yang dirancang berjalan dengan lancar. InsyaAllah.

Haha, comel rase when buat ayat skema. Ok jom buat rojak balik la.haha Anyways. jadual sem 6 sgt kelam kabut. Squeezing 8 subjects into one course is definitely is a persistent matter. Then, buat one hour class for lecture, another issue. Tp, aku suke je rse lagi focus. ok xsempat tido pun. ok lah bye :P

I am so happy. Thanks for celebrating my birthday, love.

Monday, February 27, 2012

head up beautiful people, semester 6 is coming

Oh well, long hiatus. I been so busy settling all my works that I am voluntarily involved, National Gathering of Pharmacy Students, I am the head of registration and invitation so byk la nk emal sana sini. pos sana sini situ. oh result released. mine was fine I think. it was above expectation and I am happy. I have changes my thinking or perception about all these result thing la kan. rasenye I am nothing like before lah. the one who is frustrated like crazy because didnt get well for the GPA, instead I've become optimist and grateful nevertheless how much I could earn. sebbnye ntah, may be when you grow older, otak dah malas nk fikir and sesak2 with that unnecessary thing.

 mmg la result is important tp why nk gpa tinggi. it didnt measure how depth pun your knowledge, the point is how much you learned through the process. sometimes you could feel that even you gpa is high but rase masih bodoh sbb why? you ONLY learned because nak exam.In my field, it didnt work bebeh. It's either you excel with the skills and theory perfectly together or you didnt at all. sbb nanti when you keje, they query all the information and skills that you can sums up form you learning. tak de dah nk tanye satu2 subject. so master all. dont choose. kau nk bg ubat kat org. tak akn nk tahu certain thing je. you grasp all or you die.haha. so I am so fine albeit of what I got but xnk lah teruk sbb when you know everthing, that should answer all the exam question lah kan. so do not worry, you get low gpa doesnt mean you bodoh or x berjaya, more important you kno that you have something stick in the brain to impressed the senior pharmacy ke publics ke bile nk jwb quustion and x risk nyawa orang ok.

 kita kerja kerana niat yang murni, to treat people bukan nk berjaya blindly mcm tu je. I have this niat initially dr start first year,latelyI realised it grew stronger. oh how lucky akhirnye dah dpt hidayah belajar yang benar :)) jadi from now people
 hehehehhehehehe, tata. assalamualaikum

*listening to titanium-david guetta ft sia*

Sunday, February 12, 2012

We're so good not even considering to undergo changes. Although it is a good one?

I get all the points vividly. I'm telling myself, why wait? You're not even better if you see good thing in front of you, but you ignore. At this point, ignorance certainly is not a bliss.

Monday, February 6, 2012

6 February 2012: To my girlfriends with love.

Here me writing nothing and random. ages since last post and now I emerge again. For last time, I surrounded with profound reason for me to keep writing. Hustle myself with activities lead me to scarce time to continue writing. I love writing as deep as I love writing essay. Malays essay literally. I can write pages and pour solid ideas onto empty papers. I love my finished essay. I love reading them. The happy feeling I get after putting into sentences and phrases together. That reminds me of why I should get back to this. I may not be so keen sometimes, nonetheless, I just feel I should do this. Sharing randomised thing where I knew my bestfriends always read this. It's like another way to stay close and updated ourselves with our issues. So, girlfriends let me convey you this. So we could feel closer everyday :))

Friday, December 23, 2011

million times

I miss the good feeling to write. eventhough I dont write much and often but I have the reason to start missing it. I had very hard time through this year and I concluded my ending semester as superficial extraordinary. I have countless unfinished job, I have an eeriee final exam awaited and I have long list job to be done. I figure my life has changed bit by bit and the changes was good half of it and another half is between good and bad. It's quite depressing semester I must say. and if I were to talk about it. it may depressed everyone. haha isnt it?  because when you begin to speak sincerity, you never know where to dig. People would badmouth of everyone despite of how many good thing you have done, they always badmouth. there's the point when you start thinking, how I am supposed to behave when every single piece of your job been judge and those judges arent been fair and wise. put yourself in the place of others, you could have been in their shoes, walk their path and feel that pain. you could know how painful to receive insult when it is never your wrong. don't simply put a judgement and talk loud. dont critisize when you dont even know the core matter is. My friends and I had our best job done, while all the mistakes were done by you, take the blame and accept the defeat and just fall. dont go throwing false issue and make it bigger. because we have heart too, if that was all about us, we should be glad by now. But it isnt and all that we recieve is painful and more pain everyday. Do you ever walk in our shoes because it is difficult to remain calm.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

blogroll diary

Since  masa yang sgt sedikit and jadual yang sgt ketat, I don't really have much time to write anything. Pictures tells thousand of stories, so these pictures tells every each event happened throughout those days I am not updating

  1. raya with kawan2 sekolah rendah. best raya reUNION ever. hope to that next raya guys :D
  2. besties hangout. 
  3. my bf's car. accident when he was on his way to fetch me in Melaka to Puncak Alam.happened in tol Ayer Keroh poor you car. hope you get well soon :(((((( sorry too love
  4. first day kuliah begin. is my muka is so obvious that i force a smile sbb xnk kelas.. :P
  5. raya at syaz's. those childeren sgt superpower buat muka BUROK AND HODOH..hahaha
  6. thats my notebook for this sem throughout. gonna be half dead without her ^_^
  7. THE SECRET LIFE OF NORA. we actually buy RM 30 tickets but end of sitting on RM400+ seats because byk empty seats..wehuuuuuuuuuuu..first time watch theater that is so awesome and worth paying..hahaha
  8. ok he is too handsome..who else STEFAN ABD RAHMAN la..he's the produce for the theater.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

status difference in a relationship is so lame

i don't have the intention to humiliate anyone in this entry. it is something i heard, that i think is so lame to practise. back in our mak ayah nye old times, we've heard enough pasal cinta dua darjat, ko anak orang berada aku anak petani so much and so forth that are equally fall in the same group of matter kan. tapi tu dulu bro, now we are in these years leading to 2020 and with the advancement of techno, do u really need to think in sgt lapuk punye pemikiran. i don't know if this is big to you but i am sure i dont give a damn about this absurd yet ridiculous narrow minded matter. SERIOUSLY what were u thinking for the first time you met the girl you want, asl ko x kaji pulak the background of the family, when suddenly after you tied the relationship, ko nk insult orang with your rude words tu kan. I am really fine if you brag about that particular person ONLY, tapi bile kau drag all the family matter and pride dalam ko nye marah, mmg you are insanly not MATURE enufff kot. think like a gentleman la bro, xpayah nk ko susah2 kalo ko rase awek ko nye family x cukup SETARAF ngn ko, ko blah la. i am frigging pissed off lah bile ko suke2 nk spit harsh words to my kindest friend. grow up lah bro. macam mane ko marah pun, xyah nk POYO sgt boleh.. the girl that were you insulting is you girlfriend yang dulu ko puja siang malam kan. have that tiny humanity in your body boleh? and apologizing wont lower you EGO pun. this wasnt specific pun, tapi have happened, for those in relationship, it aint okay to bad talk bout your parther's family. that family you badtalking is going to be your family too sooner or later, so treat them like yours hence. to you-know who i dedicated this, man up lah bro.i want her to be happy so treat her right. and to you too, whatever happens in between you always have me at your back. so stay strong sweety. whatever u've decided, i am sure to give you full support. i want u to be happy