Friday, December 23, 2011

million times

I miss the good feeling to write. eventhough I dont write much and often but I have the reason to start missing it. I had very hard time through this year and I concluded my ending semester as superficial extraordinary. I have countless unfinished job, I have an eeriee final exam awaited and I have long list job to be done. I figure my life has changed bit by bit and the changes was good half of it and another half is between good and bad. It's quite depressing semester I must say. and if I were to talk about it. it may depressed everyone. haha isnt it?  because when you begin to speak sincerity, you never know where to dig. People would badmouth of everyone despite of how many good thing you have done, they always badmouth. there's the point when you start thinking, how I am supposed to behave when every single piece of your job been judge and those judges arent been fair and wise. put yourself in the place of others, you could have been in their shoes, walk their path and feel that pain. you could know how painful to receive insult when it is never your wrong. don't simply put a judgement and talk loud. dont critisize when you dont even know the core matter is. My friends and I had our best job done, while all the mistakes were done by you, take the blame and accept the defeat and just fall. dont go throwing false issue and make it bigger. because we have heart too, if that was all about us, we should be glad by now. But it isnt and all that we recieve is painful and more pain everyday. Do you ever walk in our shoes because it is difficult to remain calm.

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Anonymous said...

Allah syg org2 yg sabar, love..