Wednesday, August 24, 2011

we dont remember days, we remember MOMENTS.

I am having so many free time but no specific things to do. so my days usually gone wasted on tv, laptop and books( specifically story book). so to filled the time in between, i browse through or i think watched is suitable to wedding videos. ok, bukan sebab x sabar nk kahwin..but because I HAVE TOO MANY NOTHING TO DO TIMES. so i went down to this link this link is so familiar i guess for its production on wedding videos. ok then i watched Farah and Johan wedding higlight. and it was so indah, full of jovial, merriness, and the theme is real great. its garden theme looks so sacred. wedding is sacred anyways. along white outfits. everything looks so pure nice. 

then i went down to my friend's sister reception video. my friend is miza and her sis is khairun. miza has told me things lah ckit pasal her sis reception ni. it was all her family made themselves preparation. from the pelamin. decoration. goodie bags, in and out..everything they made themselves. they were actually buat the goodie bags their selves a year before the wedding. and you can see the outcomes was really pretty. so miza's dad told to his other daughter, next reception would be all tempah je. haha..their sweat are worthy much, the reception turned out very fascinating. inspite,i dun doubt because she and her sister are all so good in this kind of things, especially planning party ;D

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