Monday, February 27, 2012

head up beautiful people, semester 6 is coming

Oh well, long hiatus. I been so busy settling all my works that I am voluntarily involved, National Gathering of Pharmacy Students, I am the head of registration and invitation so byk la nk emal sana sini. pos sana sini situ. oh result released. mine was fine I think. it was above expectation and I am happy. I have changes my thinking or perception about all these result thing la kan. rasenye I am nothing like before lah. the one who is frustrated like crazy because didnt get well for the GPA, instead I've become optimist and grateful nevertheless how much I could earn. sebbnye ntah, may be when you grow older, otak dah malas nk fikir and sesak2 with that unnecessary thing.

 mmg la result is important tp why nk gpa tinggi. it didnt measure how depth pun your knowledge, the point is how much you learned through the process. sometimes you could feel that even you gpa is high but rase masih bodoh sbb why? you ONLY learned because nak exam.In my field, it didnt work bebeh. It's either you excel with the skills and theory perfectly together or you didnt at all. sbb nanti when you keje, they query all the information and skills that you can sums up form you learning. tak de dah nk tanye satu2 subject. so master all. dont choose. kau nk bg ubat kat org. tak akn nk tahu certain thing je. you grasp all or you die.haha. so I am so fine albeit of what I got but xnk lah teruk sbb when you know everthing, that should answer all the exam question lah kan. so do not worry, you get low gpa doesnt mean you bodoh or x berjaya, more important you kno that you have something stick in the brain to impressed the senior pharmacy ke publics ke bile nk jwb quustion and x risk nyawa orang ok.

 kita kerja kerana niat yang murni, to treat people bukan nk berjaya blindly mcm tu je. I have this niat initially dr start first year,latelyI realised it grew stronger. oh how lucky akhirnye dah dpt hidayah belajar yang benar :)) jadi from now people
 hehehehhehehehe, tata. assalamualaikum

*listening to titanium-david guetta ft sia*

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eesyaheera said...

Ee dah rasa ups and downs in degree pharmacy. Tanpa jatuh, bila kita mahu bangkit dan terus berjaya kan? I know you can do it Syud. Semester 6 is just fine :))